Healthy eating was always taught to us from childhood but somewhere modern lifestyle, peer influence and societal habits have taken away an important virtue. An average individual spends at least 8 hours every day at his workplace. He works at least 5 days a week, if not more. This means that a major part of daily eating happens here. Hence, daily food habit is a subject of paramount importance.
Information Technology like other new age sectors is one of India’s fastest growing industries. The onset of lifestyle diseases is equally rapid here. 25 year olds experience cardiac arrest, major part of 30+ population is diabetic and a whopping percentage stressed. Exhaustion and stress are two common ailments we face everyday but are early symptoms to more vicious problems.

What is healthy eating?
If you think Diet Colas are healthy, think again. They are equally if not more dangerous than the regular.
Your burger is filled with veggies but it also has its share of cheese, mayonnaise and fried chicken that you can do away with.

Healthy lifestyle comprises
Regular exercising.
Good sleep and
Balanced eating habits
Snaxsmart proposes to bring a change to the last but the most significant of the list.
Small Changes = Bigger Results

The Food industry is burgeoning rapidly like never before. People today are a lot more sensible towards nutrition and health. However, ACCESS and PROXIMITY to health foods at work is often a problem.
Snaxmart introduces the healthy vending wellness plan at workplaces to address the challenge.
So, the next time you want to snack on something; simply walk up to the nearest Snaxsmart vending machine and observe changes over a period of time.

Snax Smart