Snaxsmart believes in the motto – Eat Healthy. Work Happy.

It is quite an alarming fact that 75 percent of urban Indians are overweight and the country has registered over 30 million diabetics as of August 2013. These are not just numbers but figures with heavy negative implications on the individual and the company he is working for. India is at the clutches of lifestyle diseases of which diabetes, obesity and heart diseases top the list. Lifestyle diseases are eating away organizations’ healthcare costs.

Rising Healthcare Costs

Mortality from diabetes, heart disease and stroke set India back by $210 billion in 2005.
By 2015, it is expected to touch $333.6 billion.

Snaxsmart offers the solution to control lifestyle diseases.

What we propose to bring to your table?

Your employees get quick grab and go access to health foods.
You can further your wellness initiatives by actually obtaining an exceptional return on investment.
You can CUT your healthcare costs in the absence of expensive wellness programs.
You can improve your bottom line with higher employee productivity and reduced absenteeism.
You can contribute to your CSR initiative by improving health of a segment of population – your employees.
You show the world that you practice efficient wellness programs at work.

And more importantly, the message to your employees that YOU CARE!

Snax Smart