Snaxsmart ties up with some of food industry’s big names when it comes to nutrition at work. Healthy snacks, short eats and non-sugary drinks from reputed food houses are triple checked before they make their way to our vending machines. We are attempting to transform the stereotypical food and drink vending machine to stock only those foods and drinks that are approved by our nutritionist and categorized as natural and healthy. We strongly believe that this process is our simple step to eradicate lifestyle diseases emerging from the workplace.

So, if you are a health food manufacturer or supplier, Snaxsmart would be more than delighted to partner with you. We are constantly seeking fresher and newer alternatives to spruce up our product line. We would also be happy to engage with home based health food makers on a long term basis. But all such engagements will pass through stringent quality specifications before approvals. This is a matter of health and so we expect our partners to focus on similar lines of commitment.

YOU & US can be a part of the next big revolution in India.

Snax Smart